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Wedding Videographers in IL

  • Is it an established business?
    Be sure that the studio will be in business at the time of your wedding and afterwards. There are many professional independent videographers with studios; some home based that give brides and grooms access to high quality videography and editing for their wedding. Be sure to get a printed contract.

  • Local studio VS the chain store videography?
    Today's bride must be especially careful that she is dealing with real and local businesses. Working with a local video production company is easier, a place with a front door your can walk thru.

  • Photo - Video – DJ: Double & Triple Play?
    Many photography studios are now trying to offer video & DJ services. The problem is they outsource the services and cannot control the quality and they over extend their ability to contract freelance videographers. This result in last minute substitutions for critical services! In general hire a professional that’s passionate about his/her work and be sure to interview them for compatibility.

  • What does it take to secure a wedding video package?
    Beware of videographers who require nearly a full payment for everything before you’re wedding day. Ask for options, most video production companies offer a various payment plans.

  • What does it cost?
    It can be difficult to compare pricing because some videographers quote only quote the total hours from start to finish and charge separately for add-ons. Find a studio that includes all aspects of your wedding day in their wedding video package costs.

  • In case of an emergency and the videographer cannot video tape your wedding?
    Make sure that a videographer is available as a backup on the day of your wedding in case of emergency. Find out what equipment the videographer would bring to your wedding as a backup. Don’t be left scrambling to find a qualified videographer at the last minute as it will be difficult to impossible.

  • Does it matter that my videographer has a home studio?
    Videographers today are independent of the traditional restraints due to technology. Many home studios rival the best video production studios in the country, because they have less stress.

  • Can I get my RAW unedited video?
    If you don’t mind the unedited version, most companies offer this today.

  • Be sure you see recent samples in the sales presentation?
    Computer video screens do not show you what your finished DVD video album will look like. Look at the back of the prints to make sure that they are printed on professional photographic paper.

  • What type of editing does the studio use?
    Bride’s choices are the traditional documentary style, cinematic Hollywood, and short story form (30minutes max). Be sure your video production team can create any editing style that you prefer, and ask if they can re-edit in the future for a 10th, 25th or even a 50th anniversary.

  • Were does the studio get its videographers?
    In order to do more, some Photography studios are outsourcing the video work to freelance videographers. Because some videographers only occasionally video tape weddings, they may be inexperienced in taping weddings; consequently, they may not know which shots to get, lighting to use, or where to position themselves for the best shooting angles. Ask who is shooting your video and meet them!

    Worst of all many are not familiar with wedding customs, especially ethnic traditions. Finally, these companies do not have access to top quality video equipment and resulting in an inferior production.

  • Can the studio produce a Love Story Video?
    Many brides and grooms are getting a “Love Story Video” for their guests proudly displaying their story at during the wedding reception.

  • Is online viewing available?
    Can I view Highlighted Vignettes’ of my wedding day on my 50th anniversary? Some independent producers are making this a reality for a lifetime viewing blesses… It’s especially great for those many out-of-towners and relatives that will be able to view the wedding online.

  • Does the studio produce an album for you?
    There are some videographers who just give you a DVD in a paper sleeve. Then bride and groom show have to make copies for relatives and friends. Fortunately, there is now the next generation of wedding album DVD that is timeless… Does your studio offer exact replacement of a lost or corrupted DVD? Be sure that the bride and groom are not left without any memories from their wedding day. Ask for their archiving procedure and policy!

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